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E1592 Cover

Married couple Annette and Jordy have always believed that pleasure should not be limited and should be explored until heights reached beyond all. Together, and sometimes with a guest, they try different things and experience many of the pleasures they have been searching for.When the couple meets Maria, a pretty young woman who had traveled from New York, the two immediately get attracted to her. Soon, all three are sharing sexual pleasures together and eventually, Maria moves in with the couple.

All is well until both ladies want to get pregnant and have a baby. While Jordy impregnates Annette, they all agree that it will not be right for Jordy to father a baby with Maria. Then they hatch a plan to host a couple of gang bang nights at Las Vegas to anonymously get Maria pregnant…

* An erotic tale of shared sexual pleasures in a modern 2-gal, 1-guy family

E1334 Cover

Sylvia and Bruno are off to Spain to spend some time together… and together with other people…!On the plane they meet Marsha, a flight attendant who has Sylvia overcome with jealousy. The woman offers to show them around the place for a couple of days.

While at the hotel, Syl tells her husband how she wants to be “used,” preferably by strangers. But she is in over her head when one night away from Bruno almost puts her in a compromising situation. This makes her realize how insecure she feels without Bruno.

But just as that issue is resolved, here comes another woman to make her jealous: young Luisa!

Sylvia, however, is the only woman in Bruno’s life. In fact, he is so devoted to her happiness that he sets her up with a couple of young men, ready to “use” her anytime she wants.

But Bruno is not the only one who has a surprise up his sleeve…



This is Part 4 of a 4-book series featuring correspondence between threesome expert and author Joan Vegas, and a sexually adventurous couple sharing their own experiences.

*For adults only. Contains oral sex, anal sex, masturbation, double penetration, gangbang and threesome.